Shadowrun : Into the Breach

Alright, Where Is Everyone...

Mace and Nate ran into the Barracks and killed the guard who was suiting up there, leaving the fallen troll behind. A large door was locked in the corner of the room. Mace made short work of the lock and after a bit of fussing got the latch open. He pushed open the door and saw nothing but Muzzle flashes, and felt nothing but slugs ripping into his flesh. Mace passed out from the pain, and Nate hid behind a footlocker. After a few seconds, Nate risked a glance over the bed, and saw two PeaceKeepers standing over Mace, one with his sword, and one nudging Mace with his foot, as if to see if he were still alive.

Nate squeezed a round into the guard holding Mace’s sword, neatly removing his head from his shoulders. The other guard never had time to react as Nate took him down too. Blind gunfire rang out through the doorway. Tense moments ticked by…

Mace eventually regained consciousness and moved away from the doorway. He used his sword to push the door the rest of the way open so Nate could get a better view inside. While Nate traded rounds with the visible guard in the room, Mace decided to look for another entrance to the now identified armory. He startled a guard in the hallway and quickly dispatched him with a nasty cleaving blow, and made his way around to another entrance to the armory. Nate finally took down the guard he was aiming at, and held fire lest he set off the dozens of powderkegs he could now see in the room.

Poor Reynaldo Alvarez came to in the Great Hall, seeing destruction and mayhem. He was unable to understand the two men as they spoke, but it seemed clear that the Troll with the sword had been sent from St. Michael himself to free him from this hell on earth. The angel with the shining sword was nowhere to be seen, so he picked himself up and began to trudge across the room, finding a pistol to arm himself with.

Mace found the back entrance to the armory, conveniently located down the hall from their former prison. The last PeaceKeeper shouted a surrender and tossed his gun out towards Mace. Mace began to question him about his friends and the cop spilled his guts. Nate came into the armory and began to look for weaponry to replace what he had, and settled on a very nice silvery looking crossbow, and more ammunition for the sidearms, which, he was pleased to note, did not hit one of the eighty or so barrels of gunpowder along the back wall of the armory. He found Mace’s scabbard, and Mace tried to knock out the guard, though he merely succeeded in crushing his skull.

Raven’s sleep was punctured from time to time by thumps and creaks, though the dirty clothes were fairly comfortable. He sat and dreamed of gigantic Sloppy Soy Hot Dogs with spicy mustard sailing on a sea of Nuke-N-Pop Popcorn, gigantic lettuce leaves for sails. He was awakened by a sharp clang. Nate and Mace stood over him, Nate looking like a PeaceKeeper, and Mace looking like a bloody horrible mess. Priorities first. Raven asked the way to the kitchen.

Reynaldo opened the door to the courtyard and noticed several wagons in the distance offloading more of the Devils metal clad demons. He hobbled back inside and shut the door behind him before slumping to the floor in pain. He would have to warn the warrior angel of their approach! The door swung open behind him and a single PeaceKeeper came in, dressed in armor that looked like it had been dipped in soot. He carried only a blackened blade, and had not noticed Reynaldo was still alive. Faster than he thought possible Reynaldo swung his fist at this new threat. A small scuffle ensued, and though Reynaldo was again wounded, the PeaceKeeper would move no more. He slung the bar back across the door and passed out from the pain again.

Mace, Nate, and Raven ran out of the palace larders carrying several hard loaves of bread that they greedily ate while looking for the red ork Jiro. Nate heard the tromp of boots outside from the courtyard. They ran upstairs, and saw two heavy granite blocks suspended by chains in front of the door. Mace grinned and took out his new sword…

Reynaldo woke to the sounds of heavy booted feet. The army of PeaceKeepers was approaching! He must warn the others! He grabbed the sword at his feet, wiped the blood from his eyes, and pulled himself upright, grimacing with the pain. There was a terrible scraping noise from above him. Reynaldo looked up, as he had in many times of strife… Only this time the only thing he saw above him was a 22 ton block of granite.

Jiro and MuuShu were jostled by a huge vibration. A few rocks and pebbles slid off of their outcropping room into the abyss below. Going astral, he saw the three who hired him near the landing below.

Raven ran down the steps and found a good deal of their equipment in Lord Siobhan’s bedroom. He grabbed what he could and rejoined the others. Jiro relaxed when he saw the three coming up the steps for him. Mace unbarred the door and let Jiro and the dog out. Equipment was shared, including a nice pair of pistols, and the team contemplated getting the climbing gear and going out this way. After a minute or so, Nate began to hear something not unlike a few gigantic lepatatas. He let the others know something was coming and they shut the door. There was a horrifying thumping noise followed by the door flying off it’s hinges, with a cannonball in the center of it.

Lord Siobhan stood on the deck of a small craft suspended by enormous balloons, holding Nate’s pistols akimbo, firing wildly. Jiro, Nate, and Mace were fed up, and though the airship was moving away at a good clip, they all fired at the ship. Jiro’s shot managed to penetrate the plasterized canvas armor over the balloons and popped one, which caused the ship to list. Lord Siobhan’s resultant “Oh Damn!” was heard over the distance, prompting a giggle from Jiro as he looked at Nate and yelled “I got the bitch!”

More motor noise prompted the team to find another avenue of escape, so they hauled their butts down the steps. The front doors were plainly out, and they knew what the other direction held, so they went into Lord Siobhan’s room. There they found an enormous room dominated by a thirty by thirty foot bed. 900 square feet of mattress. Pink.

They searched through the room, finding trophy animal heads, carpets, perfumes, unmentionables, marshalling staffs, more unmentionables, some small copper rod with a blunted end, and a training dummy. Jiro got onto the bed and yanked the blankets off, and discovered a crack down the center of the mattress. After a more thorough search, they discovered one of the arms on the training dummy was loose enough to turn, and this dropped the center of the bed away.

They made makeshift torches and climbed down into a windtrap area alongside a stream. MuuShu took the opportunity to work on his doggy paddle, until the group noticed a pair of wires in the shallow edge of the stream whereupon they yanked MuuShu out.

They continued upstream and came to a door. They entered an outdoor area with a large waterfall, several cisterns and piping areas and distribution troughs, along with a huge steam turbine generator.

Through the steam and mist they came upon a dock, did salvation show itself to them in the form of an airship?


No … death has found us in the form of giant inflatable fun!! Hey where did that golden rob go =D

Alright, Where Is Everyone...

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