Shadowrun : Into the Breach

Brawling is just a Firm Negotiation

Trapped in their cell, Lord Siobhan acted fast. Sending her guards up a narrow secret passage she threw some smoke bombs into the room to speed up the runners decision making process. The runners threw the door open for ventilation and stood back, while Siobhan ordered her bulk force through the secret passage to flank them. Raven passed out from smoke inhalation and Nate and Jiro took up defensive positions in the corners of the room. Mace grabbed one of the passed out (and now smoldering) guards as an improvised weapon.

As the PeaceKeeper guard force moved across the back of the room blindly, Nate began firing crossbow bolt after crossbow bolt into the throng as Jiro played out Mark McGuire fantasies on their heads. Mace smashed 3 guards into pulp with a massive swing, and the guards returned fire. Mace and Jiro were injured, Mace attempted to call upon the help of Bear, but his inexperience cost him and he passed out from the strain.

The guards kept coming in and Nate and Jiro were putting them down as fast as they could, but eventually Lord Siobhan sent in her reserve guard. Getting a little cocky, she went in as well. Jiro succumbed to his wounds, Mushu bit a guard on the leg (which, combined with Nate’s crossbow bolt, was enough to send that one down as well) Nate down to 7 shots, took aim at Lord Siobhan, cutting through her neck and nearly dropping her right there. His next shot put her down, and then he collapsed under the combined gunfire of the remaining two PeaceKeepers.

Two days later…

Raven awoke chained to a spike in the center of a small plain room with a washbasin and a few lines of twine strung across the ceiling. A small chute door opened and a pile of sheets and clothes fell through into the room. A voice commanded him to wash. Raven considered, but figured since the team was all here against their will, he’d just use the clothes to fashion a bed and try to snooze until his situation improved.


A soft whining woke Jiro, who found himself staring at a door and his dog backing against it. He was in what could only loosely be called a room. There was a small cot, a chair, and a couple of well decorated walls, and a large picture of Lord Siobhan on the north wall, and two electric lights on the east and west walls. The floor sloped towards the south, which overlooked a gigantic chasm. Jiro sat a chair next to the door, tried to calm his dog, and sat to wait.


Nathan woke with something chilly holding onto his ankles. Lord Siobhan stood there, looking a bit disheveled, but wearing Nate’s armor vest. Her offer to him was to let him bring food to his friends, but he’d have to be gagged. Nate decided self imposed silence was preferable, and the enraged Lord Siobhan threw him into a holding cell for mine work. He found a small tin cup and began to rattle the bars after turning his ears off.


The small troll stirred as the chill stone sent shivers through his body. He awoke with a heavy chain on his ankle attached to a much larger chain throughout the tunnel. As he looked around, he saw several other trolls in his same situation, and pondered the total situation. This was an upper level of the mines Lord Siobhan was threatening them with. Mace saw the other trolls each had a pickaxe and a mine cart within walking distance. He found a pickaxe on the ground and gave a hard swing at the chain attached to his ankle, denting the tool but only barely scuffing the chain. After a bit more observation, he removed a non-damaged pickaxe from a rock outcropping on the floor. The other slaves paused and stared at this development, and a puzzled Mace returned their stares until a throbbing sensation returned his attention to his hand. The pickaxe was changing shape! After a few minutes Mace held a perfectly balanced, hand and a half Great Claymore. Risking the blade, he swung again at his bonds and they were severed. He worked his way up the tunnel attempting to free the institutionalized trolls, three of whom followed him.

The sword’s great power made short work of the mine guards and he moved up into the holding cell level, where he freed Nate from his cell. One of his freed trolls fell as they fought their way out of the prison, and the other ran. NAte procured a suit of the PeaceKeeper armor, and while he was functional in it, he struggled. Nate, Mace, and the Aztlaner who’s name they did not learn broke out of the mine and fought their way into the entry hall of the castle. Mace took a wound and Nate picked off a straggler, while their new friend attempted to help, he managed to take a few shots to the torso, and lay down in a pool of blood.

After the skirmish in the hall, Mace was hurt badly, Nate’s armor ran out of power, and their ally lay dying. The question now was do they rescue their friends first? Get some better equipment? Or go after Lord Siobhan?



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