Shadowrun : Into the Breach

Into the deep.

The party was in shock, here was a major sign of civilization, deep underground. An apparently fully functional train station more than 2 miles under the surface. The haunting wailing explained, they then noticed a small teller window. Inside, a man in strange clothing gibbered wildly at them.

Soon they were approached by two heavily armored men, and after some rough patches, cobbled together a rudimentary communication system using stunted Russian. It seemed that one of the armored men wished for them to go with him on the train. They managed to exchange names and boarded the train.

The train looked like pure opulence. Gilded benches with blue and red velvet upholstery, gold thread brocade, brass and copper fittings everywhere, woven rugs over what looked to be hammered brass flooring with wood inlay. The policeman sat down and ran a plug from his waist into a receptacle near the front of the car. They again went over names, and the policeman began receiving a transmission through his radio. He mentioned an Aristocrat who wished to meet with them.

The train rode on, and emerged from the close tunnel into a vast, open cavern. Stalagmites and stalactites glittered with internal lighting, and where they merged into columns, the lighting was especially intense. It looked like skyscrapers underground, only moreso. The group of surface dwellers could hardly believe it was underground, as you could not see the other end of the cavern, and only with effort could you see the ceiling. The train winded through the rock formations until it reached a small platform near a stalagmite that was carved into an ornately designed set of dwellings.

They were greeted by a young woman of about 25-30 years old. She introduced herself briskly, which the policeman repeated slowly for the benefit of the aliens. “Lord Siobhan asks you to be her guests.” She led them to a large carriage made out of a strange black and gray wood, with 5 wheels. Inside was more luxury appointment, including a large round backed chair which the woman sat in, across from the benches the party sat on. She asked a few questions slowly, though the language barrier made it all but impossible to understand her. It seemed that at one point in time Russian and Throalic had a common ancestor language, which was a blessing.

She asked to see Nate’s gun, which he refused. Faster than could be believed she pulled her gun and pistol whipped Nate, leaving the group in shock. Rather than risk an incident, Jiro handed her his rifle for her to look at, which seemed to appease her. She managed to ask how much he wanted for the rifle. As he had no idea of the trade system down here, he shrugged. She offered three gold hexagonal coins. Jiro contained his excitement well, as the weight of the coins seemed to be about a full troy ounce each. If his memory for the gold conversion was correct, she had just paid him about 4500¥ for the 800¥ rifle.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, and the carriage stopped in front of a smallish (though still massive) column. They entered the stalagmite base and were suitably impressed by the decor. Quartz, marble, gold and other suitably valuable minerals were used in the construction, where the lamps and railings were all brass and wrought iron with precious metals inlaid and various gemstones peppering their surface.

She asked if the party would be willing to take a tutor for a week or so to learn the language a bit better. The party agreed, and were shown to incredible rooms, and something they’d been wishing for for days, beautiful, big, brass bathtubs.

After a week of study, the group had some rudimentary language skills and were able to better communicate with this Lord Siobhan. That was good. The bad? Lord Siobhan wanted to use them to further her own ambitions. A wood importing scheme wouldn’t work, so maybe gun running. She put the runners into a holding cell to think over their decision.

In the cell, the runners met a young man who formerly followed Coyote, and a younger Russian Archaeologist. The man was a climber who stumbled down a hole while mountaineering. The woman from a university in Moscow. The next morning, the party watched as the woman got up, did her business, and lined up in front of the door on the floor. The young man followed suit after a sharp rap on the door woke him. After lining up, the guards attempted to deprive the party of their arsenal, all hell broke loose. At the initial struggle, Nate and Jiro gave up their rifles. Meanwhile Mace stewed. Mace had already lost a sword once, and be damned if it was happening again. In an impromptu brawl, Mace laid out the guard attempting to take his weapon. Taking the cue, Jiro and Nate began to throw down too, and soon a full scale brawl was underway.

After downing nine or ten of these guards, a massive but squat cannon rolled around the corner being ridden by Lord Siobhan. She screamed in fury, jumped off the back and shot the fusing hold with her pistol, peppering the entire cell with tiny rubber balls that stung wherever they struck. MuuShu was scared, and the runners were worried. They got the door closed and piled the unconscious guards in front of it. Now what?


Bitch needs to die that’s what!!!

Into the deep.

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