Shadowrun : Into the Breach


Rhonabwy allowed the mötley bunch to peruse his library for information on Throal, and they found bits and pieces and various tidbits – and a map. After careful study and comparisons with current maps, they believed they had narrowed down the location of Throal.

Raven wished to stay behind for a bit to study what he could in the library, while Mace and Nate decided to try and earn a few bucks on the way into Russia. They found a job on a Shadowland post, someone who was bypassing legal channels and making REAL, unsynthahol Vodka. By illegally importing potatoes from Tír na nÓg. Still, work was work and it got them to where they wanted to be.

Raven worked off a plane ticket by being a house boy for Rhonabwy for the day, allowing the usual staff to enjoy a night at the opera. He flew into Kazan to find the Massive Dynamic office there to wait for Nate and Mace.
- January 2058

Starring Nate, Mace and Raven



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