Shadowrun : Into the Breach

Through the Fire and the Flames

Part 1

The bus ride was not pleasant. Fretful sleep plagued with bad dreams were the course of the day, reliving moments of the past with slight differences, bothersome, some downright scary. The shade had found them. Thinking the easiest way to destroy the trio and nullify the prophecy would be to destroy the bus altogether, the shade flew into it, igniting the fuel cells and sending the bus and all it’s occupants to their makers. Or so it had thought. A very put out Englishman stood complaining about the draft and the lack of light to read his paper by, as well as commenting on how unreliable the public transport service was had survived. Along with the three men who were shaken but still very much alive!

As the shade pondered the elven magician who had freed it, it heard the beating of wings. After expending energy in an attempt to destroy the three men, it was unsure of it’s potential to destroy the new threat, and quickly mustered to teleport into the astral and fly away as fast as possible.

The dragon approached, seeing the creature on the astral and played a swath of hellfire along the carnage. The runners were hurt badly and went to the hospital in intensive care.

- January 2058

Starring Nate, Mace and Raven



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