Shadowrun : Into the Breach

Through The Fire & The Flames

Part 2

Nate, having scurried away from ground zero after the initial attack, managed to escape with a little less injury than the rest. It was then he met “Roger” the easier to pronounce human version of Rhonabwy, the Welsh Great Western Red Dragon.

With Mace and Raven experiencing a state of FUBAR, Nate graciously accepted the Dragon’s invitation for a show. As he listened to the choir and the orchestra, the Prima donna began to sing a chilling aria as a small silver clockwork bird harmonized with her. Nate watched with interest as a pair of gurneys wheeled in alongside the stage. The Soprano sang a song of incredible beauty and before Nate’s eyes she began transforming into a statue of solid silver! “This is the price she pays” was all the comment Rhonabwy would offer.

Nate returned to the hospital to find Mace coherent and the two of them went to meet Rhonabwy to discuss the blade Caledfwlch referred to by the Prophecy. Rhonabwy told them if they could make use of the Silver Songbird to prove their intentions were pure he would give them the information they were seeking. They took the mechanical bird and went to the hospital, where after some experimentation they learned that the bird transferred emotional energy and empathically repaired something. The downfall was it exacted it’s pound of flesh, as it were. Mace left with silver horns and teeth, while Nate’s hair gained a metallic sheen.

Rhonabwy told the runners of the sword’s history, created from the tooth of the All Mother and gifted to the Dwarven Lords of Throal in thanks for their valor during the Scourge of the Fourth World Age. This was one of the tools needed to defeat the Shade.

Now all they had to do was find it.

- January 2058

Starring Nate, Mace and Raven



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