The Sword of Kings, Excalibur

weapon (melee)

Name Reach Conc Weight Damage Cost Avail
Caledfwlch +1 4 4.5 (STRx2)S N/A N/A

Additional Powers:
Adds +1 to all Will rolls
Adds +3 to healing rolls (+5 with scabbard)

Heals 2 boxes Stun + 1 box Physical per round.


The Sword was born of a great wyrm’s own tooth, gifted to the Dwarven Lords eons ago. It resurfaced in the Dark Ages wielded by Atilla, who ruled the steppe with an iron fist. When he overstepped his bounds, the sword removed it’s protection from him, and Atilla died of a nosebleed shorthly thereafter.

The sword was then given to Uthyr Pendraeg by the Lady of the Lake, Nimue. When Uthyr fell in battle near the end of his reign, he plunged the sword into a stone with such force that the heat fused them together. Uthyr’s son, Artos, (Arthyr) would remove the sword by accident whilst searching for a replacement blade for his adopted brother, the Knight Kain. Arthyr was revealed the true heir of England’s throne, and ruled in a just manner for a long time. When he was betrayed by his queen, he threw the sword away where it was reclaimed by Nimue.

The sword passed through many hands of no note when it found it’s way to the Orient where Lê Lợi found it and understood it’s power. He named it Thuận Thiên, and used it to liberate Vietnam from Ming occupation.

It was lost again shortly afterwards.


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