Yates/Stabo 'Baldric'

Dual belt harness system


The ‘Baldric’, Yates/Stabo’s new composite weave harness is completely customizable. Available in multiple colors and sizes, it can add a dash of flair to any professional’s ensemble. The Baldric system includes 2 heavy “D” ring fasteners on the shoulders, and a large reinforced “O” ring over the abdomen. Multiple clips allow for attachment of swords, knifes and a host of other melee weapons, tools, climbing gear, emergency flares, cell phones, as well as pistols and ammunition. The harness is rated for climbing, and will accept any standard lanyard fastening device. The microweave clip-in system allows for sheaths/scabbards/holsters to be placed along any geometric plane to the body, to ensure you always have comfortable access to your tools.


Prices start at 800¥ for the Classic Model, in black, which includes 3 mounting brackets (One item up to 2 meter in length OR one item up to 1 meter in length plus 1 item up to 30 centimeters OR three items of less than 30 centimeters. For color, add 100¥. Additional brackets cost 150¥ each, the harness can hold up to 8 brackets functionally.

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Yates/Stabo 'Baldric'

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