Exceptional Ability

You can earn up to 3 Exceptional Abilities, one from each table below. To earn an exceptional ability, you must BURN 7 Karma Pool points. You may then roll on ONE of the tables below. You must take what you roll, and can never roll on that table again.

Roll Trait Effect
1 The Woo Add 2 initiative dice permanently.
2 Hard Ass Add a permanent 1/1 armor, cumulative with all other armor.
3 Iron Lung You can hold your breath for 7 minutes. You can survive in a vacuum for 3. Add 1 Body.
4 Hannibal You gain 3 dice to disguise and bluff checks. Can be augmented by Stealth. Go get ’em Colonel.
5 Ben Jahrvi Gain 3 dice to any Electronics or Computer related test.
6 Mary Sue You gain 2 points in Quickness, and an initiative die.
- - -
Roll Trait Effect
1 Black Knight Your Target Numbers are never affected by Damage.
2 Way of the Ninja Gain 2 dice on all Stealth checks, and one point of Quickness. Automatic Armed 3 unless your skill is higher.
3 Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart Gain Armed/Chainsaw 4/8, gain 2 points of Body, Gain 2 dice on Willpower checks
4 Gorn Fighting Gain 2 dice on all perception checks, get choice B/R skill at 3
5 You did NOT shoot that Green Shit at ME! If wounded, all damage dealt automatically stages up one additional level. Gain 2 dice for melee combat.
6 Peck You gain 3 dice for ALL Charisma related rolls, 5 dice during circumstance bonuses.
- - -
Roll Trait Effect
1 Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing Gain 4 dice for all First Aid or Biotech related skills.
2 Nuke LaLoosh Gain Throwing 5, may reroll scatter one time.
3 You Remind Me Of The Babe Magic raises one level as if initiated. If not magically active, player can add an initiative die instead.
4 May The Schwartz Be With You You developed latent Psychic ability. You can now use Psionics. You also gain an initiative die.
5 Torpedo Juice You are completely unaffected by alcohol and DMSO, and add 2 dice to Willpower tests.
6 Uigur Spirit Gain 3 dice for any attack, lose 1 die on Willpower checks.

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Exceptional Ability

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