Throal Politics


Council chambers.

Throal is an Aristocracy. The entitled few dictate and enforce law and propriety in the kingdom, with it’s various cities and districts within. The classes are separated by wide margins, generally speaking the nobility is an inherited station, as is the proletariat. The Lord Regent is the acting king, and shares the bloodline of the original founders of Throal.

- Political Hierarchy -
Title Function Notes
The Lord Regent The Ultimate Authority in Throal Final Arbiter in extremely high profile cases.
City Lord Administers Lords The head authority in a city.
Lord Administers law in localities. There may be 2-3 Lords per district.
Chamberlain Retainer for a Lord. Each lord has one or two Chamberlains in service.
Councilman Civil Judges (Usually on 2nd Appeal) Enforces various local laws. Each District has 1-3 depending on importance to the city.
High PeaceKeeper The head of all PeaceKeeper forces for a city. May try cases, always tries 1st appeal cases when they are granted. Can also make arrests and apply charges, of course.
PeaceKeeper Magistrate District PeaceKeeper leaders, there are 2-5 per district, depending on district importance and crime rate. The first line of the court system, tries first cases. Can make formal arrests and apply charges.
PeaceKeeper Knight Acts as a head detective, can make arrests, leads investigations. One or two per precinct.
PeaceKeeper A typical Law Enforcement Official Makes arrests, keeps people safe. Acts as official escort.
GuildMaster A city Guild Leader, usually a Master. There will be one for each Guild in the a city. They are also referred to as GrandMaster of the {whichever} Guild.
Master A Guild Elder Masters draw living expenses from Guild member dues, though if they decide to do freelance business they must still pay dues at half rate. They often take positions teaching and sometimes join Noble Houses.
Journeyman A full Guild Member. Journeyman may take freelance work, but must still pay dues on earnings. May take an Apprentice to lighten work or to carry on a personal business.
Craftsman An Apprentice who has been accepted into the Guild. The Craftsman must answer to his sponsor and pay a percentage of earnings as dues.
Apprentice A Laborer who has been taken to train under a Journeyman. Laborers are taken as Apprentices often when they show particular talent for a job.
Laborer An untrained worker. Laborers are often ambitious people who wish to better their family life. They will often attempt to perform tasks generally under the purview of a Guild, for little pay. Some Laborers will do exceptional work and are often taken into consideration for Apprenticeship.
Prole A citizen of the lowest class. Proles generally eke out a living doing odd jobs, or by taking serfdom for a Noble House, where they accept the Lord’s hospitality in exchange for doing whatever work the Lord requires.

Throalic titles are gender neutral. A Lord may be male or female, the title is simply kept for conservatism. A possible exception is the Lord Regent who, although no law forbids it, has been male for all of recorded history.


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Throal Politics

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