Shadowrun : Into the Breach

Dirigibles for Dummies

The airship looked like a cross between Goff’s Nautilus and the Hindenburg. Hopefully it would prove a better voyage than either former ship had (no volcanoes nearby, and no hydrogen, so they had that going for them) but they’d first have to learn how to fly it.

The hatch was about halfway up the tinned surface of the vessel, so they climbed aboard and began exploring. The layout was fairly straightforward, long halled decks with doors to the port and starboard sides and fore. There were four decks and the hatch was on the third deck, where fore was a cockpit area and aft was a large steam powered piston engine. Piping, gauges and valves covered most open surfaces. Down on the second deck, they discovered a huge coal tending area and a massive furnace aft, attached to a boiler. The fore doorway gave way to a small galley, filled with food, which the runners promptly began gorging themselves on. Mace and Nate decided to get the furnace burning while Raven explored the rooms and Jiro looked belowdeck to see what he could find in the cargo hold.

Mina heard noises on the deck above her. Maybe that bitch extortionist was planning on putting her to the rails again. Already Lord Siobhan had taken her ship, a few of Mina’s crew had betrayed her, and she had been locked in this hold for a couple weeks, surviving on the mushrooms stored here. Her traitorous gunner and cook had expected to line their pockets with gold, but ended up shackled just as Mina herself was. As if her high and mighty self Siobhan would have further dealings with them. That’s the last time Mina would hire a Goblin crew. It was truly lucky for them they were across the hold from her. The hatch opened up for a few seconds and a strange creature poked it’s head in, then the hatch shut again…. Damn.

Jiro saw three humanoid bodies in the darkness of the cargo hold, and decided to shed some light on the figures to get a better idea of what was going on. He found a lantern and went to Nate for a match.

Raven found crew quarters upstairs, along with artillery rooms. He rushed downstairs to find a linen closet, a stateroom, a pair of privies that were uncomfortably close to the galley, a couple of officers cabins, and a storeroom that looked like it carried a few of the finer things in Throalian life. Mace and Nate had gotten the fire started, and worked on filling the balloon up. The balloon was a canvas affair that was held in shape by a large braided net, looking to be of copper twine, not unlike a modern current carrying wire without insulation.

Jiro got the lantern lit and tied it to a small silken rope and lowered it down into the hatch to the cargo hold. He saw a woman dressed in leathers and lace. She seemed to be asking him where her hat was. Jiro’s limited command of Throalic dialect finally went through and he gathered she was a prisoner of Lord Siobhan’s and so decided to free her. He just had to find some keys.

Mace was exploring the cabinetry and desk in the navigator’s room and found a very nice flintlock, a large sheaf of maps and found the keys Jiro was looking for and tossed them down. Jiro unlocked Mina, who nodded to him and bounded upstairs. She went directly to the navigator’s room. She went in, cursing about her sword being mistreated and snatched her pistol from a stunned Mace, who shrugged off the incident. She jumped back down into the cargo hold and exacted the price mutineers command, then returned to the boiler deck. She found her floppy tricorn hat in Siobhan’s stateroom and began to inspect the ship and the people who freed her.

Nate and Jiro had one question, could she fly this thing? And if so, could she get them out of this underground mess? For a sum to be determined later, she agreed and gave the party instructions on the operations of the ship.

The motley crew lifted off in short order, and began their voyage to the surface world. Mina had a final bone to pick, however, and while Raven and she were in the cockpit, she had him sketch the layout of Siobhan’s estate. She called up to Jiro who was keeping hold on the top deck. There were two large cannons on the top deck, a few boxes of shot and powder, and a large pipe network that fed the balloons. Mina asked him to aim the front cannon directly forward, and wait for her signal. She rounded a massive column and bore down near the back of Siobhan’s estate, dropped almost to path level, and yelled “Fire!” Jiro slammed the handle back and the cannon fired into the back wall of Siobhan’s estate. Into the armory. Into the back wall of the armory.

The resulting explosion send a shockwave several thousand feet through the cavern. The remnants of Siobhan’s forces feebly fired a few shots at the airship, until they were scattered by a dropped charge from Jiro. Mina flew hard away using part of the shockwave as a boost, and sliding to a halt. Jiro saw other ships raising up in the distance, but they looked more like they were spectating the fire at Siobhan’s estate rather than trying to chase them or put the fire out.

With practiced precision, Mina squeezed the ship through a small tunnel and out into…
...cold. They emerged from a frozen hole in a icy swamplike area. Nearby they saw a huge ring of flattened trees, reminiscent of a bomb going off above ground. Jiro’s GPS worked now, they were at 0°55’ N, 101°57’ E. A good distance from where they started. About 2200 miles. Jiro called his old buddy for a pickup.

Alright, Where Is Everyone...

Mace and Nate ran into the Barracks and killed the guard who was suiting up there, leaving the fallen troll behind. A large door was locked in the corner of the room. Mace made short work of the lock and after a bit of fussing got the latch open. He pushed open the door and saw nothing but Muzzle flashes, and felt nothing but slugs ripping into his flesh. Mace passed out from the pain, and Nate hid behind a footlocker. After a few seconds, Nate risked a glance over the bed, and saw two PeaceKeepers standing over Mace, one with his sword, and one nudging Mace with his foot, as if to see if he were still alive.

Nate squeezed a round into the guard holding Mace’s sword, neatly removing his head from his shoulders. The other guard never had time to react as Nate took him down too. Blind gunfire rang out through the doorway. Tense moments ticked by…

Mace eventually regained consciousness and moved away from the doorway. He used his sword to push the door the rest of the way open so Nate could get a better view inside. While Nate traded rounds with the visible guard in the room, Mace decided to look for another entrance to the now identified armory. He startled a guard in the hallway and quickly dispatched him with a nasty cleaving blow, and made his way around to another entrance to the armory. Nate finally took down the guard he was aiming at, and held fire lest he set off the dozens of powderkegs he could now see in the room.

Poor Reynaldo Alvarez came to in the Great Hall, seeing destruction and mayhem. He was unable to understand the two men as they spoke, but it seemed clear that the Troll with the sword had been sent from St. Michael himself to free him from this hell on earth. The angel with the shining sword was nowhere to be seen, so he picked himself up and began to trudge across the room, finding a pistol to arm himself with.

Mace found the back entrance to the armory, conveniently located down the hall from their former prison. The last PeaceKeeper shouted a surrender and tossed his gun out towards Mace. Mace began to question him about his friends and the cop spilled his guts. Nate came into the armory and began to look for weaponry to replace what he had, and settled on a very nice silvery looking crossbow, and more ammunition for the sidearms, which, he was pleased to note, did not hit one of the eighty or so barrels of gunpowder along the back wall of the armory. He found Mace’s scabbard, and Mace tried to knock out the guard, though he merely succeeded in crushing his skull.

Raven’s sleep was punctured from time to time by thumps and creaks, though the dirty clothes were fairly comfortable. He sat and dreamed of gigantic Sloppy Soy Hot Dogs with spicy mustard sailing on a sea of Nuke-N-Pop Popcorn, gigantic lettuce leaves for sails. He was awakened by a sharp clang. Nate and Mace stood over him, Nate looking like a PeaceKeeper, and Mace looking like a bloody horrible mess. Priorities first. Raven asked the way to the kitchen.

Reynaldo opened the door to the courtyard and noticed several wagons in the distance offloading more of the Devils metal clad demons. He hobbled back inside and shut the door behind him before slumping to the floor in pain. He would have to warn the warrior angel of their approach! The door swung open behind him and a single PeaceKeeper came in, dressed in armor that looked like it had been dipped in soot. He carried only a blackened blade, and had not noticed Reynaldo was still alive. Faster than he thought possible Reynaldo swung his fist at this new threat. A small scuffle ensued, and though Reynaldo was again wounded, the PeaceKeeper would move no more. He slung the bar back across the door and passed out from the pain again.

Mace, Nate, and Raven ran out of the palace larders carrying several hard loaves of bread that they greedily ate while looking for the red ork Jiro. Nate heard the tromp of boots outside from the courtyard. They ran upstairs, and saw two heavy granite blocks suspended by chains in front of the door. Mace grinned and took out his new sword…

Reynaldo woke to the sounds of heavy booted feet. The army of PeaceKeepers was approaching! He must warn the others! He grabbed the sword at his feet, wiped the blood from his eyes, and pulled himself upright, grimacing with the pain. There was a terrible scraping noise from above him. Reynaldo looked up, as he had in many times of strife… Only this time the only thing he saw above him was a 22 ton block of granite.

Jiro and MuuShu were jostled by a huge vibration. A few rocks and pebbles slid off of their outcropping room into the abyss below. Going astral, he saw the three who hired him near the landing below.

Raven ran down the steps and found a good deal of their equipment in Lord Siobhan’s bedroom. He grabbed what he could and rejoined the others. Jiro relaxed when he saw the three coming up the steps for him. Mace unbarred the door and let Jiro and the dog out. Equipment was shared, including a nice pair of pistols, and the team contemplated getting the climbing gear and going out this way. After a minute or so, Nate began to hear something not unlike a few gigantic lepatatas. He let the others know something was coming and they shut the door. There was a horrifying thumping noise followed by the door flying off it’s hinges, with a cannonball in the center of it.

Lord Siobhan stood on the deck of a small craft suspended by enormous balloons, holding Nate’s pistols akimbo, firing wildly. Jiro, Nate, and Mace were fed up, and though the airship was moving away at a good clip, they all fired at the ship. Jiro’s shot managed to penetrate the plasterized canvas armor over the balloons and popped one, which caused the ship to list. Lord Siobhan’s resultant “Oh Damn!” was heard over the distance, prompting a giggle from Jiro as he looked at Nate and yelled “I got the bitch!”

More motor noise prompted the team to find another avenue of escape, so they hauled their butts down the steps. The front doors were plainly out, and they knew what the other direction held, so they went into Lord Siobhan’s room. There they found an enormous room dominated by a thirty by thirty foot bed. 900 square feet of mattress. Pink.

They searched through the room, finding trophy animal heads, carpets, perfumes, unmentionables, marshalling staffs, more unmentionables, some small copper rod with a blunted end, and a training dummy. Jiro got onto the bed and yanked the blankets off, and discovered a crack down the center of the mattress. After a more thorough search, they discovered one of the arms on the training dummy was loose enough to turn, and this dropped the center of the bed away.

They made makeshift torches and climbed down into a windtrap area alongside a stream. MuuShu took the opportunity to work on his doggy paddle, until the group noticed a pair of wires in the shallow edge of the stream whereupon they yanked MuuShu out.

They continued upstream and came to a door. They entered an outdoor area with a large waterfall, several cisterns and piping areas and distribution troughs, along with a huge steam turbine generator.

Through the steam and mist they came upon a dock, did salvation show itself to them in the form of an airship?

Brawling is just a Firm Negotiation

Trapped in their cell, Lord Siobhan acted fast. Sending her guards up a narrow secret passage she threw some smoke bombs into the room to speed up the runners decision making process. The runners threw the door open for ventilation and stood back, while Siobhan ordered her bulk force through the secret passage to flank them. Raven passed out from smoke inhalation and Nate and Jiro took up defensive positions in the corners of the room. Mace grabbed one of the passed out (and now smoldering) guards as an improvised weapon.

As the PeaceKeeper guard force moved across the back of the room blindly, Nate began firing crossbow bolt after crossbow bolt into the throng as Jiro played out Mark McGuire fantasies on their heads. Mace smashed 3 guards into pulp with a massive swing, and the guards returned fire. Mace and Jiro were injured, Mace attempted to call upon the help of Bear, but his inexperience cost him and he passed out from the strain.

The guards kept coming in and Nate and Jiro were putting them down as fast as they could, but eventually Lord Siobhan sent in her reserve guard. Getting a little cocky, she went in as well. Jiro succumbed to his wounds, Mushu bit a guard on the leg (which, combined with Nate’s crossbow bolt, was enough to send that one down as well) Nate down to 7 shots, took aim at Lord Siobhan, cutting through her neck and nearly dropping her right there. His next shot put her down, and then he collapsed under the combined gunfire of the remaining two PeaceKeepers.

Two days later…

Raven awoke chained to a spike in the center of a small plain room with a washbasin and a few lines of twine strung across the ceiling. A small chute door opened and a pile of sheets and clothes fell through into the room. A voice commanded him to wash. Raven considered, but figured since the team was all here against their will, he’d just use the clothes to fashion a bed and try to snooze until his situation improved.


A soft whining woke Jiro, who found himself staring at a door and his dog backing against it. He was in what could only loosely be called a room. There was a small cot, a chair, and a couple of well decorated walls, and a large picture of Lord Siobhan on the north wall, and two electric lights on the east and west walls. The floor sloped towards the south, which overlooked a gigantic chasm. Jiro sat a chair next to the door, tried to calm his dog, and sat to wait.


Nathan woke with something chilly holding onto his ankles. Lord Siobhan stood there, looking a bit disheveled, but wearing Nate’s armor vest. Her offer to him was to let him bring food to his friends, but he’d have to be gagged. Nate decided self imposed silence was preferable, and the enraged Lord Siobhan threw him into a holding cell for mine work. He found a small tin cup and began to rattle the bars after turning his ears off.


The small troll stirred as the chill stone sent shivers through his body. He awoke with a heavy chain on his ankle attached to a much larger chain throughout the tunnel. As he looked around, he saw several other trolls in his same situation, and pondered the total situation. This was an upper level of the mines Lord Siobhan was threatening them with. Mace saw the other trolls each had a pickaxe and a mine cart within walking distance. He found a pickaxe on the ground and gave a hard swing at the chain attached to his ankle, denting the tool but only barely scuffing the chain. After a bit more observation, he removed a non-damaged pickaxe from a rock outcropping on the floor. The other slaves paused and stared at this development, and a puzzled Mace returned their stares until a throbbing sensation returned his attention to his hand. The pickaxe was changing shape! After a few minutes Mace held a perfectly balanced, hand and a half Great Claymore. Risking the blade, he swung again at his bonds and they were severed. He worked his way up the tunnel attempting to free the institutionalized trolls, three of whom followed him.

The sword’s great power made short work of the mine guards and he moved up into the holding cell level, where he freed Nate from his cell. One of his freed trolls fell as they fought their way out of the prison, and the other ran. NAte procured a suit of the PeaceKeeper armor, and while he was functional in it, he struggled. Nate, Mace, and the Aztlaner who’s name they did not learn broke out of the mine and fought their way into the entry hall of the castle. Mace took a wound and Nate picked off a straggler, while their new friend attempted to help, he managed to take a few shots to the torso, and lay down in a pool of blood.

After the skirmish in the hall, Mace was hurt badly, Nate’s armor ran out of power, and their ally lay dying. The question now was do they rescue their friends first? Get some better equipment? Or go after Lord Siobhan?

Into the deep.

The party was in shock, here was a major sign of civilization, deep underground. An apparently fully functional train station more than 2 miles under the surface. The haunting wailing explained, they then noticed a small teller window. Inside, a man in strange clothing gibbered wildly at them.

Soon they were approached by two heavily armored men, and after some rough patches, cobbled together a rudimentary communication system using stunted Russian. It seemed that one of the armored men wished for them to go with him on the train. They managed to exchange names and boarded the train.

The train looked like pure opulence. Gilded benches with blue and red velvet upholstery, gold thread brocade, brass and copper fittings everywhere, woven rugs over what looked to be hammered brass flooring with wood inlay. The policeman sat down and ran a plug from his waist into a receptacle near the front of the car. They again went over names, and the policeman began receiving a transmission through his radio. He mentioned an Aristocrat who wished to meet with them.

The train rode on, and emerged from the close tunnel into a vast, open cavern. Stalagmites and stalactites glittered with internal lighting, and where they merged into columns, the lighting was especially intense. It looked like skyscrapers underground, only moreso. The group of surface dwellers could hardly believe it was underground, as you could not see the other end of the cavern, and only with effort could you see the ceiling. The train winded through the rock formations until it reached a small platform near a stalagmite that was carved into an ornately designed set of dwellings.

They were greeted by a young woman of about 25-30 years old. She introduced herself briskly, which the policeman repeated slowly for the benefit of the aliens. “Lord Siobhan asks you to be her guests.” She led them to a large carriage made out of a strange black and gray wood, with 5 wheels. Inside was more luxury appointment, including a large round backed chair which the woman sat in, across from the benches the party sat on. She asked a few questions slowly, though the language barrier made it all but impossible to understand her. It seemed that at one point in time Russian and Throalic had a common ancestor language, which was a blessing.

She asked to see Nate’s gun, which he refused. Faster than could be believed she pulled her gun and pistol whipped Nate, leaving the group in shock. Rather than risk an incident, Jiro handed her his rifle for her to look at, which seemed to appease her. She managed to ask how much he wanted for the rifle. As he had no idea of the trade system down here, he shrugged. She offered three gold hexagonal coins. Jiro contained his excitement well, as the weight of the coins seemed to be about a full troy ounce each. If his memory for the gold conversion was correct, she had just paid him about 4500¥ for the 800¥ rifle.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, and the carriage stopped in front of a smallish (though still massive) column. They entered the stalagmite base and were suitably impressed by the decor. Quartz, marble, gold and other suitably valuable minerals were used in the construction, where the lamps and railings were all brass and wrought iron with precious metals inlaid and various gemstones peppering their surface.

She asked if the party would be willing to take a tutor for a week or so to learn the language a bit better. The party agreed, and were shown to incredible rooms, and something they’d been wishing for for days, beautiful, big, brass bathtubs.

After a week of study, the group had some rudimentary language skills and were able to better communicate with this Lord Siobhan. That was good. The bad? Lord Siobhan wanted to use them to further her own ambitions. A wood importing scheme wouldn’t work, so maybe gun running. She put the runners into a holding cell to think over their decision.

In the cell, the runners met a young man who formerly followed Coyote, and a younger Russian Archaeologist. The man was a climber who stumbled down a hole while mountaineering. The woman from a university in Moscow. The next morning, the party watched as the woman got up, did her business, and lined up in front of the door on the floor. The young man followed suit after a sharp rap on the door woke him. After lining up, the guards attempted to deprive the party of their arsenal, all hell broke loose. At the initial struggle, Nate and Jiro gave up their rifles. Meanwhile Mace stewed. Mace had already lost a sword once, and be damned if it was happening again. In an impromptu brawl, Mace laid out the guard attempting to take his weapon. Taking the cue, Jiro and Nate began to throw down too, and soon a full scale brawl was underway.

After downing nine or ten of these guards, a massive but squat cannon rolled around the corner being ridden by Lord Siobhan. She screamed in fury, jumped off the back and shot the fusing hold with her pistol, peppering the entire cell with tiny rubber balls that stung wherever they struck. MuuShu was scared, and the runners were worried. They got the door closed and piled the unconscious guards in front of it. Now what?

OK, I lied.

Apparently Jeff decided gettin’ busy down in Cancun with his wife was more important than sitting around a table with his greasy friends eating subs and tossing… dice…. Nevermind.

Have a great Memorial Day!

Game Off! Back next week, wherein Jeff will be killed by falling rocks.

Damn, these are some LONG stairs!
Meeting back up in Kazan, the crew went over what they had learned regarding the previous location of Throal. They figured the best chance to find it was to look through the area surrounding the city for signs of the ancient dwarven kingdom. They outfitted themselves as best they could figure, and asked about hiking the mountains.

As it turned out, most of the locals avoided certain areas in the mountains due to some alleged hauntings in the shadow of Yamantau. Yurij’s General Store did mention one local that lived out in the area that may be able to help them.

And so they set out into the foothills, armed with a rough judge of direction and tenacity they trudged for miles in the snow, fighting off some hairy white creature that chanced upon them on the way. After a bit they happened upon some tracks in the snow, and Mace’s superior nature skills allowed the team to track them to a stonework cabin in the middle of nowhere. Which was a good thing because Raven was nearly frozen through due to not being able to afford better clothing. Nate crept up on the cabin and took a peek inside only to find it empty. It was inhabited though, evidenced by the fire and the satlink dish on the outer wall. As he rejoined the group a white dog came out from the treeline and began excitedly sniffing the party and bouncing around. A reddish skinned ork emerged from the trees holding a rifle and asked the group what they were doing around his cabin. After a few tense minutes, introductions were administered and they brought the frosty Raven inside to thaw. They discussed the party’s plans to find this area, and though their new friend Jiro knew nothing of Throal, he did know where an unexplored cave sat, that the few Bashkir tribespeople in the mountains here avoided due to it being haunted. Satisfied they had a decent starting point, they decided to set out in the morning.

They began the long hike to the cave, making good time when they came to a large dropoff. One by one they rappelled down the rock face until it came time for MuShu, Jiro’s dog. They tied a harness up for the dog and began to let it down until it’s nervous nature got the better of it and it shifted, almost sliding right out of the harness! Slowly, carefully they let the dog down, and decided after the scare and the hike that it would be a good idea to camp for the night.

Almost immediately, they were attacked by a small pack of wolves, which they dispatched after a brief struggle. Nate and Raven treated Jiro, who was injured during the attack, and they tried to get a little more rest. This was interrupted by an even larger white creature, this one mindlessly rushing towards the wounded Jiro until it was put down by a shot from Nate’s hunting rifle. Perhaps this wasn’t a great spot to rest.

They set out again, and in due course found the cave, where they heard the keening noise coming across the entrance. Entering the ‘cave’ they found it to be finished, an ancient temple of some sort. They found the remains of someone inside (by the dates on the cards in his wallet, he’d been there some 70 years or so, wrong turn in the mountains or something) and a lot of rotten wood and scattered ruined fabrics and a lot of dirt. Mace did find a gold hexagonal coin. MuShu found a femur.

Near the rear of the complex they found a caved in wall that led to another finished area, with stairs leading down… They rested here uneventfully, save another moaning noise, and soon began their trek down.

They walked down the stairs.

And down. And further still down. Another hollow sounding wail, slightly louder. On for hours, nothing but a ghostly noise every few hundred flights. They continued for more than two miles down a stonework staircase in this square shaft, until they emerged into…
What appeared to be a storeroom. Gigantic wheels, steel girders, and various tubes and fittings were organized in neat piles across the blue tile floor. They ventured farther out and at the expected interval they were able to identify the source of the haunting noises.

A massive train rounded a bend in a sunken track channel leaking steam and smoke out of various orifices. They stood amongst glass panels, mosaic tile, and metalwork accents filled what appeared to be a large.. train station.

Starring Nate, Mace, Raven, Jiro

Rhonabwy allowed the mötley bunch to peruse his library for information on Throal, and they found bits and pieces and various tidbits – and a map. After careful study and comparisons with current maps, they believed they had narrowed down the location of Throal.

Raven wished to stay behind for a bit to study what he could in the library, while Mace and Nate decided to try and earn a few bucks on the way into Russia. They found a job on a Shadowland post, someone who was bypassing legal channels and making REAL, unsynthahol Vodka. By illegally importing potatoes from Tír na nÓg. Still, work was work and it got them to where they wanted to be.

Raven worked off a plane ticket by being a house boy for Rhonabwy for the day, allowing the usual staff to enjoy a night at the opera. He flew into Kazan to find the Massive Dynamic office there to wait for Nate and Mace.
- January 2058

Starring Nate, Mace and Raven

Through The Fire & The Flames
Part 2
Nate, having scurried away from ground zero after the initial attack, managed to escape with a little less injury than the rest. It was then he met “Roger” the easier to pronounce human version of Rhonabwy, the Welsh Great Western Red Dragon.

With Mace and Raven experiencing a state of FUBAR, Nate graciously accepted the Dragon’s invitation for a show. As he listened to the choir and the orchestra, the Prima donna began to sing a chilling aria as a small silver clockwork bird harmonized with her. Nate watched with interest as a pair of gurneys wheeled in alongside the stage. The Soprano sang a song of incredible beauty and before Nate’s eyes she began transforming into a statue of solid silver! “This is the price she pays” was all the comment Rhonabwy would offer.

Nate returned to the hospital to find Mace coherent and the two of them went to meet Rhonabwy to discuss the blade Caledfwlch referred to by the Prophecy. Rhonabwy told them if they could make use of the Silver Songbird to prove their intentions were pure he would give them the information they were seeking. They took the mechanical bird and went to the hospital, where after some experimentation they learned that the bird transferred emotional energy and empathically repaired something. The downfall was it exacted it’s pound of flesh, as it were. Mace left with silver horns and teeth, while Nate’s hair gained a metallic sheen.

Rhonabwy told the runners of the sword’s history, created from the tooth of the All Mother and gifted to the Dwarven Lords of Throal in thanks for their valor during the Scourge of the Fourth World Age. This was one of the tools needed to defeat the Shade.

Now all they had to do was find it.

- January 2058

Starring Nate, Mace and Raven

Through the Fire and the Flames
Part 1
The bus ride was not pleasant. Fretful sleep plagued with bad dreams were the course of the day, reliving moments of the past with slight differences, bothersome, some downright scary. The shade had found them. Thinking the easiest way to destroy the trio and nullify the prophecy would be to destroy the bus altogether, the shade flew into it, igniting the fuel cells and sending the bus and all it’s occupants to their makers. Or so it had thought. A very put out Englishman stood complaining about the draft and the lack of light to read his paper by, as well as commenting on how unreliable the public transport service was had survived. Along with the three men who were shaken but still very much alive!

As the shade pondered the elven magician who had freed it, it heard the beating of wings. After expending energy in an attempt to destroy the three men, it was unsure of it’s potential to destroy the new threat, and quickly mustered to teleport into the astral and fly away as fast as possible.

The dragon approached, seeing the creature on the astral and played a swath of hellfire along the carnage. The runners were hurt badly and went to the hospital in intensive care.

- January 2058

Starring Nate, Mace and Raven


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