Over 30,000 locations. McHugh’s serves fast scarf for the slag on the go. A variety of soy derivative food products is available, and they guarantee a 15% REAL meat content.

Hamburger 2¥

Cheeseburger 3¥

DoubleHugh 4¥

TripleHugh 6¥

Small Fries 1¥

Large Fries 2¥

Small 12oz Soda 1¥

Large 32oz Soda 2¥

Cheeseburger Combo 5¥

Double Combo 6¥

Triple Combo 8¥

Chicken Soy Sandwich 4¥

Spicy Chicken Soy Sandwich 4¥

Chicken Combo 6¥

Deli Sandwich (100% Meat!) 8¥

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