Stuffer Shack

A Stuffer Shack!
One of about 2500…

These are littered across the sprawl (and across much of the rest of the UCAS and CAS for that matter) and provide consumers with a one stop shopping experience. Typical Stuffer fare includes multiple snacks, drinks, coffee, breakfast sandwiches, magazines, some deli foods, cheap toys, candy, automobile fluids and accessories, maps, newspapers, you get the idea.

You can expect a 10-20% markup on goods obtained from a Stuffer Shack.

Typical Pricing

Coffee 1¥

Soda 3¥

6-Pack Beer 15¥

Condoms 4¥

Anniversary Roses 25¥

Forgot our Anniversary Roses 95¥

►These’ve saved my ass more than once!
►HoTsPuD 10.28.2057 10:17:37

’52 Pinto Hatchback Hubcap 25¥

Egg and Cheese Biscuit 5¥

Map 5¥

Atlas 15¥

Motor Oil (.5 liter) 5¥

Cooler (12L) 25¥

Lottery Ticket (Scratch) 2¥

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Stuffer Shack

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