Knight Errant Security

Knight Errant Security is a major Security Firm. Based out of New York, they are a subsidiary of Ares Macrotech and maintain presence in most of the UCAS, many NAN nations, and quite a few European countries as well.

►Knight Errant is in many places, but have nowhere near the corporate presence that the Star has. This makes many of them angry, and they tend to take it out on suspects…
►DorianGray 5.7.2056 17:42:35

Knight Errant trends towards high-class area security, and are common in ritzier hotels and communities who hire additional security past state or city funded police forces. With Ares backing, security forces are always up to SOTA standards. Typical armament and gear could include Predator versions not yet released to the public, tactically linked helmets with encrypted radios, and form fitted body armor. These are supplemented by uniforms appropriate for the assignment.

►UNDERSTATED. This is not ‘typical’ equipment. You can consider this ‘bare-minimum’. Depending on what’s going down, you can expect automatic weapons, combat armors, even assault weaponry.
►Roller 8.11.2057 19:17:51

The N’Yawk and Newark Sprawl use KE Security as a police force, as well as Boston, London, Moscow and Sydney.

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Knight Errant Security

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