Taylor, Mace - Corporate Files

SK Saeder-Krupp Internal Data on Mace Taylor

Subject Taylor shows incredible patience. May have potential as a Deniable Asset, however is currently engaged in larger issues. Subject is accomplished in fencing, seeming to prefer the Claymore. Troll Metatype contributes to combat effacy.

Subject has had no direct dealings with the company and as such is considered LOW on the threat scale.

Renraku Renraku Subject File: Taylor, Mace

Taylor has been elevated to VERY HIGH risk subject. Subject was caught on videotape causing a disturbance on Shopping Level 1 Seattle SCIRE. Molested a Renraku Employee playing Santa over Christmas Sales week. Detained subject, no contraband on search. Bail made, subject left Seattle shortly thereafter.

Determination is that subject exhibits volatile personality, has a metatype deficiency. Considered unstable. If given a reason, shoot on sight.

Shiawase Shiawase Transworld Corporation has no data on this subject.

yamatetsu Yamatetsu Corporation has no data on this subject.

Taylor, Mace - Corporate Files

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