Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more;
Or close the wall up with our English dead!

Our setting thus far;

Seattle, UCAS
In December 2057…

Dunklezahn has been assassinated. The country is in mourning and has been poring over the old wyrm’s will. In the confusion, an ancient evil gathered enough strength to trick someone into coming to it’s prison, a small stone cottage constructed like a cairn in Everett. It sprouted up there in a mana spike, though it’s many many centuries older than even the first recorded humans in the area…

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About Us:

Our group has been playing for about 3 years now off and on. I got an idea for an epic scale, grandiose sort of campaign that included bits and pieces of all the stuff I liked about Shadowrun. Large battles, espionage, legwork, clever player plans, etc. I plan on keeping some key canon events as well to keep the story grounded. I also happen to be lucky enough to have a co-GM who will help me with some scripted events, run a couple of rival factions alongside the PCs, and help to coordinate some of the more ambitious plans I have.

This is all done under Second Edition, with a smattering of houserules and borrowed bits from 1st and 3rd editions.

You can go ahead and jump to the Wiki now, or continue reading for all that legal mumbo jumbo and deserved thanks.

Credits, Legal and Other Info
Many images, rules references, and ‘fluff’ information come directly from the Shadowrun Role Playing Game, copyrights from 1990 to 2010 from FASA Corp (defunct), WizKids, and Catalyst Game Labs. Used without permission but in good faith. Shadowrun is currently in it’s 4th Edition, you can find more info here along with free downloadable Quick Start rules.

Some images have been used without permission from Shadowrun Awakened, the Sourceforge MMO project. Visit them here.

Most images are results of random image searches online, and pictures I’ve collected from image boards and other sources over the years, including Google Image Search and Wikipedia commons. Most of the images are fair or free use, but a few may not be. I do not know the owners of the majority of these images. If you see your image used here and wish a credit on this page, let me know! If you wish for me to remove it, send me a message through Obsidian Portal, email, or Skype and I will remove your image. Nothing here is for profit on my part however, and I hope I have not used any image in a distasteful or destructive way.

Many mechanics and items used from Cyberpunk 2020, especially with the very excellent Chromebook Conversions from Gurth. Cyberpunk is copyright R.Talsorian Games. Used without permission but you can find them here . The Plastic Warriors Chromebook Conversions can be found on the Plastic Warriors website. Happy Hunting Chummers.

Special thanks to ChainsawXIV, Sandman, Arsheesh, Gaaran, and Gnunn for formatting help and general ideas! I plan on doing this thing well, and can certainly use the help! Be sure to check out their campaigns as well.

Location Fluff Credit:
Boston – Ledeir

Artwork Credit:
Nicole Jekich for her awesome Tuesdays with Nicole feature on one of our failed adventures,
Jan Boruta for his Cyberpunk Samurai art,

Of course, a massive amount of thanks to the Obsidian Portal staff for such a wonderful website!

RIP Bobby… 5.27.76 -10.4.96

Contact Info
You can reach me on Skype™ with questions: jim.triche
email : jimtriche (at) yahoo.com

Shadowrun : Into the Breach

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